In Due Time Zine!

February zine! I set a goal to make a new zine every month and this was last months. Although technically I did finish it with in the month I had adjusted the mini middle page which put me behind! So is life! I'm still counting this one as a win. This zine is about some female artists that continue to inspire me but maybe didn't get the credit they should have in their time. The four artist I wrote about are Connie Converse, Carol Kaye, Vivian Maier and Hellen Levitt. All of these ladies had to overcome challenges and are so inspiring! I also made a little playlist that goes along with this zine that you can find down below! I made a little smaller insert page for the playlist. I'm loving pages that are different sizes lately. Overall this zine was challenging because I don't feel like I'm the strongest writer and its a large format that I usually work in. Honestly it felt good to push myself! Zines have a way of balancing newness and familiarity which I love and has helped me grow so much as an artist!

I'm currently selling this zine for $5 or trades (honestly i'd prefer a trade!) so if you're interested send me and email at You can follow my instagram @remikeahi for more zine updates and art bits!

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