Song and Doodle #79

Oh boy I haven't done a song and doodle post is AGES! This year has been flying and I've been up to my eyeballs in projects. BUT this week demanded that I slow down a little and doodle on the iPad to relax. Sometimes you just need to listen to the universe and take a break! Any who, today's song is by Baby Pink. This is a super cute girl band based out of Salt Lake. A couple weekends ago I got to see Jane Sanders do a mini-town hall thing (Which was wonderful. That lady is really inspiring!) but the opener was the lead singer from Baby Pink and they did a little acoustic set. I personally think the acoustic live stuff is much better than the recorded stuff, but it is still great! The lyrics to most of their songs really speak to me as a *fairly* young lady trying to navigate the world! I choose lyrics from the song Crazy because it really encases the insecurities of wanting everyone to like you. Which I'm sure most people deal with at one point or another, but those insecurities seem to really linger on young ladies.With the world of social media and unconsolidated opinions its hard to not get swept up in the bubble of feelings. I think it takes time and confidence to sort though all of the negativity that might get tossed at you. What is so great about this song is that it makes me feel so NORMAL. I enjoy songs that make me feel like someone understands the obscurity of it all.
"So why do I drive myself crazy
Thinking about people that hate me"

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