Lovely Things: Zines!

Phew, what a crazy time we're living in! Seems like there is something new and scary each day. One thing I've seen a lot of is artists struggling. Between shows being cancelled, part time workers being laid off it is a scary world out there for creatives! I'm lucky enough to be able to work from home and have a great safety net of friends and family. So now is the time that we come together to protect those creatives in our community that are suffering. This means buying their art if you can, sending encouraging messages and sharing their art work on your social media platforms. One way I've been supporting is building up my zine collection. Zines are a great affordable way to show support! SO for today I'm sharing some of my favorite zines that I've come across!
Beautifully illustrated mini-book by Sophie Morrison!
Spring is here! This riso zine by Kristyna Baczynski is making me excited for the SEASON! 
I have a new found love for worms! Added cute riso zine for my collection by Sarah Hingley!
I've also had a new thing for pink, this zine by Ambivalently Yours is too dreamy! 
This style of zine by Fanny Fuxreiter fills me up with joy! Soft boyz for life!
Any zine I find about body hair I ALWAYS buy. Its such a huge sensitive topic for me! This one by Jamie Squire has the cutest illustration. One day I'll be brave enough to make my one hairy zine (maybe). 

BONUS! The people over at Letter Zine have compiled a whole bunch of free coloring pages. I love this idea and I love the work they are doing to being lettering artists together!

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