My favorite part of the end of the year is seeing every ones goals and reflecting on my own. This past year has been a particularly slow blogging year for me. I put less and less pressure on myself to blog consistently and it definitely showed this past year. In 2017 I ditched resolutions and choose a theme for the year instead. (You can read about it here!) My plan was to do the same for 2018 but a theme never emerged. I waited though the winter and I still felt scattered and lost. The summer came and more of the same. Don't get me wrong I had some great opportunities arise and did some awesome things! But in between those things I was a drift and lacked any purpose. Needless to say I'm looking forward to some new-newness! I'm ready to push 2018 behind me. I hope to buckle down and focus on being more creative, being more kind to myself and lifting myself out of this fog.

To avoid making this post too terribly depressing here are my highlights of the year and all the good that I was lucky enough to experience!
1-Grid Zine! My favorite zine event of the year!
2- I also had an amazing opportunity to be interviewed about my zine! Scary wonderful stuff!
3- Had an amazing birthday with the most wonderful people in my life.
4- For the first time ever I got involved in politics! I volunteered for a political campaign and met a ton of wonderful people, learned a lot of sad things and am forever changed!
5-Took a weekend trip down to southern Utah with the campaign and learned tons about indigenous people! It was such a mind blowing experience I still am having a hard time finding the right words to describe all the feelings.

Overall not too eventful. It was filled with lots of good and lots of self doubt. But life is good. On to a new year!

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