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One of my goals for the new year is to read more. I've been a wee bit lazy for a long time now about reading. Reading for me always comes in waves. I'll be obsessed for a little while and do nothing but read. When I say nothing, I really mean almost n o t h i n g. I have a hard time sleeping and I lose my appetite. Which is a bit obsessive I know! So I'm trying to gain a better balance this year! So far not off to a good start, I really binge read this one and finished it in one day. I can't tell if its because its that good, kinda short or I'm just THAT obsessive. But as I finish books this year I figured I'd share them!

Book number one is Emergency Contact by Mary H.K Choi. I scooped this one (and many others) off of a Paper Trail Diary's top 10 books for 2018. You can see the whole list HERE! She described this book way better than I ever could, you can find her post THERE!
I really enjoyed this book! I adored the layout. A lot of it was written in a texting style and the back and forth changing perspectives made the whole book move really quickly. Its fairly predictable but she tosses in bits of spice that make it delightfully insightful. The idea of exploring digital relationships is embarrassingly relatable for me. Its a different way and common way of communicating and building relationships that we don't talk about all that often. That is one aspect that she got perfectly. I highly recommend this book to anyone! If you've read it let me know! Also if you have any recommendations I can add to my list, let me know that too!

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