VERVE Interview!

I little while ago I told you guys that I got the amazing opportunity to be interviewed by a local web series VERVE and now my episode is released! I'm so stoked that I got the chance to talk about ZINES! Zines are one of my all time favorite things and I'm so happy that I get to share my love of zines with everyone. I'm still shocked that I was given this opportunity despite being really shy and dorky. I also got to meet the cooooolest group of creatives that put these things together. Theres something wonderful about getting to work with other creatives! You can see more of the series HERE. They did such a good job editing it! I love the music and they totally made me sound like I knew what I was talking about, cause I really doubt I sounded that confident! Its such a weird thing to here and see yourself! I had no idea my voice sounded like that! Also I make some really strange faces when I think no one is looking. Overall I'm really excited and happy with how it all turned out!
My hope is that someone will see this and be inspired to make their own zine! I truly do feel like art and zines are for everyone and everyone could benefit from making one! So if you've been thinking about it, now is the time to make one!

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