List of Goals!

I didn't want to set any resolutions for the year. So instead I just jotted down a few things to give me some direction for the new year, with out putting any pressure on myself. Is this a silly way to avoid setting resolutions, while actually setting them? Yes, possibly. In a strange way this just f e e l s better to me. Overall I want to get lost in myself this year. When I say that out loud it seems really selfish. I suppose what I mean is I want to indulge parts of myself that I arbitrarily deemed negative qualities. Things like not being social, getting lost in books and obsessing over art projects. I want to learn how to be more of myself and enjoy myself more. Again, its a bit silly but in the best way possible.
As I stumble my way though the list I'll be sure to update the blog (which is on the list! ha!)

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