Up-Cycled Hair Ties

Today I wanted to share a little project that I did a few weeks ago. For Christmas my dad gave each of us girls some of his old neck ties. My dad was a school teacher for most of my life and he wore a tie every day. I didn't realize how many of the patterns I would recognize. I knew when I got them I didn't want to just put them in a memory box, but I wanted to use them! I thought I could wear them, but it just doesn't suit my style. Instead I've been into these hair ties and scrunchies, so I up-cycled the ties into some hair ties! Honestly my sister did all the sewing and I just ripped them apart and ironed them. I felt a bit strange ripping them. I also really hoped that my dad didn't find it insulting at all that I was tearing up this kinda sentimental thing he gave me. In the end he seemed cool with it AND now I get to wear a little piece of him! Its official that 2019 is the year of the hair accessory! 
Hair bow style!
Head wrap style!

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