Projects: Spoons!

I posted updates about this Christmas project on my instagram but forgot to post it here also. For the sake of documentation (which is why I write this blog in the first place) I figured I should post it here too! This past year for my handmade Christmas gifts I decided to learn a new skill and pick up whittling! These are the spoons and couple spreaders that I made. They are very clunky but in kind of a sweet way, like when children try to make things that are all funky but they are so proud of it that the product automatically beams with joy when you hold it. I think this summer I'm going to try my hand at some larger spoons and utensils. Sharpen my whittling skills if you were (LOL) The kit I used was THIS one, which came with wonderful instructions and everything I needed to get started. Melanie Abrantes is somewhat of a crafty angel. I love her instagram and stalking it to make sure I was doing things properly helped also! 
Do you have any new crafts you'd like to learn this year? I'd love to hear about them!

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