Mellow lazy weekend! Its snowed most of Saturday. Which was a bit odd for this late in the year, but then again so was that one random week of really sunny weather! For having such a lazy weekend I had some really amazing moments! So I just wanted to share a few thoughts! 
 Oddly enough I'm loving the little bit of snow we've gotten. I love watching those big flakes floating and clinging on to everything and anything. Saturday night I got eat some nachos with the most wonderful people in my life. I was reminded how lucky I am to have the family that I do have. Our quirks and all! I'm continually inspired by my mother! No one works as hard as she does. She's always been the example that a women can have a career, be kick ass at it and raise 5 girls. In the midst of eating, laughing as the flakes fell all around, I was just reminded how awesome these little moments of life are.
I got to spend Sunday finishing up my art journal! I can't believe its already March! Time is going by way to fast, as it seems to do! I also got caught up on my snail mail and made a few collages. Over all a very lovely day! I love spending a day just creating and writing.

How was your weekend? I hope you had some wonderful moments of life OR some creative time before the week starts up again!

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