List of Thoughts as of Late! (+Links)

1- I'm quite obsessed with the app Faded. It just too much fun messing with photos. Also kind of a time waster, but hey at least now I've got a really neat photo of shu-tzi!
2- I backed Green Pea Cookies on kickstarter a while ago and I'm so excited to try them!
3-We tried a new restaurant this past weekend called Asian Potato. A week later we're still talking about how quirky and yummy it was.
4- I've been having trouble sleeping lately. Which means I'm bound for a lazy weekend!
5- I've been using THIS makeup as of late and I'm really loving the way it makes my face feel. I can't wait to try THIS one next!
6- I saw this cactus pillow DIY that I really wanna try out! It looks easy enough.
7- The weather lately has been perfectly spring! A hint of chilly with a bit of sun shine!
8- I've been craving lasagna lately! I want to make 5 of them and eat THEM ALL!!
9- Sometimes I worry that my life is too boring but then I remember that in the end its my life and I can make it what I want. Everyones lives are different. I need to stop comparing myself to others!
10-I can't believe easter is almost here! Craziness.

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