Seeker of Truth by EE Cummings

Monday MONDAY! This weekend was way too short. I didn't do half the things that I needed to do or wanted to do. Oh well, I guess this just means I'll have to have a productive week. Or not who knows! What I do know is that I have no idea what I want to post about today. BUT I've had the truth on the mind a lot lately. Its quite an interesting thing isn't it. TRUTH. If we can make lies can we also make truths? What is true? A question that I've been noodling over. Which always reminds me of my favorite EE Cummings poem, Seeker of Truth. Which I think can be applied beautifully to all of us. We are all searching and seeking. Pondering truths and purpose.

Needless to say I've been thinking a lot. So what have you been thinking about? What does truth mean to you? Are you a seeker or creator?
Hope you all have a successful week!

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