Outgoing Mail!

I had a productive weekend! I cleaned up my work space, organized a new zine and wrote a couple letters! I'm quite in love with these! They're basically just card stock with doodles all over them, then stitched around the edges with the sewing machine. Pretty simple but looks awesome! I always think to myself-- why don't I sew more envelopes? Then as I am sewing and getting terrified that the needle is going to break off and shoot me in the eye, I remember why I don't do it more often! Few seconds and sweaty hands later, it turned out pretty good! But will probably be a while before I do any more. 


  1. These are gorgeous. What sewing machine do you use? A family friend let us have an old Singer--I tried using it when I visited home last Christmas, but I couldn't figure out how to get the stitches to stay, well, stitched. Haha.

    1. Just a regular old sewing machine. I adopted my moms old one after she got a new one. It makes a horrific noise and should probably get looked at before its broken for good! haha