Neat Projects: Rocketbook!

A friend of mine sent me this project a few days ago thinking is was something up my ally. Oh boy was he right! First off I love crowd funding projects! Theres something about believe in someone else's idea and saying "yes you can do it, here's my money to help!" that always makes me a bit happy. Anyways I didn't plan on ranting about that. INSTEAD I wanted to share the awesome project Rocketbook! Basically its a book that transfers real life drawings into digital files using an app on your phone! AND the book is microwaveable so you and easily erase all the drawings. So you can quickly catalog drawings and notes with out wasting tons of paper. (Although lets be honest I'll still use up my fair share of notebooks!) 

I'm most excited about this because I scan a LOT of drawings. Which gets time consuming to say the least! Most of my drawings and typography-ness kinda doodles go right into illustrator anyways. So if I can leave out hooking up to the printer all the better! I've already backed the project and am so excited to get my hands on it! I think it'll save me lots of time and make me more organized. 

Their are a few things that make me a little bit weary. It only comes in dot grid pattern. I think that would be neat to have a book with lined and blank pages. Especially if its an "everlasting" book, I'd want it to have all the features! Also the way that its erasable is by using Frixion erasable pens. Which basically work by heating up the ink and making it disappear (hence the microwave!) I'm very particular about my pens. So I was a bit worried that their wasn't going to be a frixion pen that I enjoyed writing with OR drawing with. BUT then I was looking around and the have fine point pens!! AND lots of colors too! I suppose thats not too much of a worry anymore. Still not my favorite kinda pen but lets see how it turns out! 

So what do you think? Does this seem like something that could be useful to you? I already have a million uses that I could use it for, so hopefully it becomes a staple in my work bag! 

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