New Years Resolutions!

Phew! Its that time of year agin! I always make goals for the year even though I often don't accomplish half the list. I just like the idea of coming up with aspirations for the new year! It gives me hope and I always feel like I can do ANYTHING!! Strange I know, but we all have our quirks!

Lets review last year!
1- Write a book! Er...didn't happen. I got a few ideas but didn't follow through on any of those.
2- Sing more songs! I improved on this one a TON! I've written a lot of new songs and learned a lot of new songs. I feel like I'm getting more confident when I play in front of people. Although my hands still get super sweaty!
3- Get organized! Oh yeah I totally conquered this one last year! I kept up on my planner and my bills. I just bought a new planner so hopefully this year can be just as organized! I just need to figure out a way to organize my snail mail.
4- Socialize! I improved on this one also! (go me!) I've put myself WAY out there! I've been on dates and am getting better at my small talk. I'm better at doing things on my own and asking when I need help in stores! I'm so proud of myself you have no idea! I mean yes, I get really bad panic attacks occasionally. But I'm not letting that stop me!
5- Open and Etsy shop! Er....yeah a no go on this one too! I keep changing what I want to do or make. Maybe one day I can figure it out!

Over all not bad! I'm quite proud of my few accomplishments! This year my list is a little bit smaller and simpler. I think its good to have goals even silly ones.

1- Be kind to myself. This is a huge one cause I'm so hard on myself. It just encourages my self doubt and negative self image. I need to love myself more and get more confidence!
2- Be adventurous! I'm still a lil'hermit. So I like my routine and familiar places. But I really want to travel more, go to new restaurants and try new things!
3- Start a portfolio. I'm always wanting to do more with my art skills. (I feel saying that but I'm not sure how else to say it!) Most of the time I draw something and I either send it in a letter or stash it in a folder some where. I really want to sit down and focus and work on creating a solid work of art that I want to share with people.
4- Write more. I like to write but I doubt my writing skills. I'm hoping once I get to a spot that I write frequently then I might gain more confidence. I'm really hoping that I can write more poems and songs! Seems do able eh?

Thats about it! I'm excited about the new year and all that it may hold! The future is so wonderful and unknown. I'm so happy to be a part of this unpredictable universe! I wish you all luck on you New Years resolutions!

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