Weekend Adventures!

I'm not sure if these are "adventures" but I wanted to share bits of my life as of late. I didn't do anything new or exciting, but still had a lovely weekend filled with much needed love, art and good food.
First off this past week we had a guy come and replace all the siding on our house. Talk about annoying! He was loud, messy and LOUD. Every morning at the crack of dawn this guy was out there with his ladders and pocket radio. I respect the guy for being a skilled worker, but still he was annoying! I'm glad he is finished and I could finally sleep in this weekend! He did forget to put our house numbers back up, but I snapped this picture that I think will be fun to have even after we move out. Which makes me sad to think about so I'm not going to anymore. ha. 
On Saturday we had a sushi night! After an adventurous trip to Ocean Mart, discovering that we were really over paying for noodles at our normal grocery store and eating sweet buns. We got cooking! My parents, older sister and husband came over to eat some yummy food. I love making our own sushi cause you can put whatever you want in it. Ever since we were little our mom has been teaching us how to roll and make our own sushi. I meant to snap some pictures but I was too busy stuffing my face. ha. Zoei also made some really tasty red curry soup that might be one of my new favorite dishes! The end of the night I was stuffed full of good food and lots of love. 
On Sunday I got so much artsy shtuff done! I finished this cat water color for my pen pal. The beautiful set of water colors Zoei gave me for christmas are just to die for! They are so easy and fun to use! I did learn my lesson and discovered that all but one of my pens I love to use is water proof. So his mouth got a bit smudgy. Over all I love my little cat!
I got a few letters written and artfully decorated. I'm doing a really good job at keeping up on my correspondence this year! My art journal is also up to date! Yay for being productive. I got this amazing book of hand made water color paper for christmas. I've been holding off using any of it cause I'm weird and save it for special drawings. I decided to go for it with a honey bee water color. So far its just a sketch, but I'm really excited about it! 

Overall a good weekend! I feel so loved and happy, both things are hard to find at times. I love being productive, drawing lovely things and sending pretty mail to beautiful people!

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