Weekend Adventures-ish?

I'm not sure if the qualifies as an "adventure" but I was really proud of my productivity this weekend so I had to share! For christmas I got these amazing mint green shelves from my sister. I finally found the time to put them together. Which obviously means cleaning my room up a bit and putting these bad boys to good use! We've lived in this house for a year and a half and I'm just now getting all my stuff unpacked. Now I have all my lovely books, cds and records with in grasp! No more digging though boxes or forgetting what I do and don't have! Its amazing and I'm so happy with my new/old space! Basement spiders and all! 
Found out that I have WAY too much stationery! I was running out of room to keep it all! 
Now I can listen to records on my record player, Little Red! I don't have much in my vinyl collection but what I do have I love! 
I guess I should've taken before pictures. Before I cleaned I had little piles of books and on going projects EVERYWHERE. It kinda looked like a crazy persons room. But now its all organized and pretty!
I know its cheesy but I love me some christmas lights! They just make the whole space feel so cozy and dreamy!
 On Sunday I got together with the family to make Banh Mi sandwiches! They turned out so yummy!
My family eats so much good food. I am so lucky to just be around such soulful people. Its days like today when I'm stuffing my face and laughing until my sides ache that I realize that no matter how shitty I feel, my life is amazing. It so nice to be reminded that amazingness comes from the small moments. A dreamy dinner with family, the perfect song, a unexpected text message or just a really good hair day.

I hope you all had wondrous weekend!

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