December Art Journal!

Last months art journal was pretty successful. Lots of doodles and flippy outty bits. I think after a few months I've come to really like the smaller books better. I fill out more pages and it feel like less of a task. I've become quite fond of flipping though my past books from the year. Its pretty fun! I'm excited to finish up this book this month! 


  1. Lovely. I'm such a fan of your work. Thanks for sharing your art journal with us; this is a cool idea and a lot better than my creepy spreadsheets of "things I did today" lol.

    ...and you have great hands :3

    1. Spreadsheets sound interesting! I'm totally obsessed with this "not journaling" thing. Journaling seems too intense for some reason, but doodles and mini rants? I can do that! Also not the first time someones complimented my hands before oddly enough! ha.