Song and Doodle #38

Todays song and doodle comes from one of my favorite songs Let It Go by James Bay. I'll be honest with I first heard this song I didn't really like it. I thought his voice was too perfect and kinda poppy. Upon accidentally adding it to my YouTube play list and it popping up every few songs I realized that I should give this song a better listen. Ever since I've been in love with it. After listening to the lyrics its kind of a sad and realistic song about trying to let go when you really don't want too. Its relatable, charming and overall a good listen. If you're searching for something to blow your mind, probably not going to do it. If you need something good to listen to as you clean or work on projects this is the guy for you! I'm super stoked for him to release a full album! 
So whats the verdict? Ears bleeding or heart swooning?

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  1. I love the entire concept this post series and he is lovely as is your doodle!