Weekend Adventures!

Yet another busy weekend for the Germaine family. On Saturday I got to go to a rainy wedding and on Sunday I got to have dinner with my favorite lovelies.
Everyone looked very snazzy, despite the weather! 

 My sister was all polka dotty! Super cute shoes but I know I could never walk in these with out busting an ankle or my face! 

I'm not sure why but blogger thinks there picture should be super green. Its annoying but I couldn't leave out these cuties! 
 I should really make sure I get peoples attention before snapping a pictures. Oddly enough this is one of my favorites.
 The happy couple! Yes they did get married in the rain! But it all fit them as a couple very well. 
 I always think Zoei is the best looking where ever we go! Plus she's got the best smile ever! 
Adorable place cards! Of course I was at the cool kids table, even if I didn't have a plus one! 

Things that I learned this weekend! Rain on your wedding day isn't the worst thing ever. Weddings are not for me, its all too stressful. I'm pretty sure I'm going to have a secret wedding if I ever get married! My sister clean up pretty well for stinky girls. Not having a plus one is ok cause I know it won't last forever. 

Hope you all have a successful weekend! Yay Monday! 

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