Beginning of Fall!

Today is the official first day of Fall! It is my absolute favorite season and I am ecstatic that is it finally among us. It seems like my Summer had a lot of ups and downs and new new-ness! Luckily the good out weighs the bad! Its a bit odd how fast time seems to be scooting on by. But I'm happy and excited for the new season, new feeling and new new-ness. I'm always enamored by equinoxes and solstices. They always mark time in the kindest way possible. The equinox doesn't point at you like the end of the weekend and say "you didn't get enough done!" Instead it hugs you and says hello to a new season. Fall is always romantic and optimistic and couldn't be more ready for it.

With that said I leave you with an emotional feast of fall and dreamy vocals.

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