Weekend Adventures!

It was a long weekend and a very successful one at that! So I thought I'd share some of my adventures. Well, they aren't very exciting but still OH SO productive!

The weekend started out with a concert in the park with the besties! I love hanging out with these guys and they always put up with my anxiety and awkwardness! We saw The Head and The Heart! They were amazing! Got to eat some yummy food and be surrounded by drunk idiots! Overall it was a fun and a excellent way to start the weekend! 

The rest of the weekend was spent cleaning! Its been over a year since I moved out of my parents place but I never fully "moved" out. I still had tons of stuff that needed to be sorted and boxed! As I was cleaning I kept coming across some fantastic finds. I totally forgot most of this stuff existed so I decided to take some pictures and share! Most these photos aren't very good cause I was in the midst of cleaning and sweating, but you'll get the idea! 
 This is one drawing that I decided to keep. I should really finish it one day!
I've no idea what this was all about. I think it was a book idea at one point that stopped after the cover was made. Or maybe a zine idea? I'm sure the rest is written in one of my sketchbooks somewhere! 
 The first draft of the story I put in grey matter #1.
A screen print I did for a friend AGES ago! I'm glad I kept this one I forgot how awesome it turned out! I wish I had saved more screen prints. I'm sure somewhere or got lost in the move.
Last but not least! A project from high school art class! I don't remember what the project was exactly, but I kinda love the way it turned out. I'm pretty sure I didn't follow what I was suppose to do anyways. I think I might've tossed this one. It was too bulky to fit in my sketchbook box. I ended up filling 2 whole boxes just with sketchbooks and projects! AND I threw away a ton also! 

Phew! Busy weekend! Its nice to get it all clean and put away. Also I snagged a ton of art supplies for our newly cleaned craft room! Let the craftiness begin! 

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