Weekend Adventures!

This Saturday my family and I got to participate in the worlds largest scavenger hunt! Provo (the amazing little town where I'm from!) held a event called Passport to Provo. With the help of Google Fiber they were able to break the world record for most people participating in a scavenger hunt! You can read about it HERE! They had 2,079 people complete the tasks! I'm so happy that me and the family got to be a part of it! At first I thought that it was going to be kind of lame but I was delightfully surprised after reading over some of the tasks! They were all very creative! It was fun for me cause I haven't been downtown Provo in over a year since we moved. There were so many new things to see and they are doing a very good job making it more modern and brining in more small businesses. The scavenger hunt was a great way to see all the best bits of Provo.
Team fluff'n Stuff! The best teammates ever! Everyone got a free tee shirt for participating. Which normally I think are kinda lame and full of sponsors, but I really like these ones! 
One of the tasks was to do you best impersonation of the monument in one of our parks! I think Zoei totally took the cake on this one! 
Another task was to high-five in front of the Welcome to Provo sign! 
Probably my favorite task of the day! Go to Pioneer bookstore and read a line out of a book! Oh yeah while wearing a silly hat! I love this book store and didn't even know it existed! 
I thought the out side of the bookstore was AMAZING so I had to share! 
My sisters had their own team. The Panda Bananas! I stole some of their photos off of Facebook. It was fun to see the contrast between what tasks they did and which ones we chose to do! 
 Pet a puppy in the park! We did this one also but I forgot to take a photo cause I was really concerned with this little boy not holding the puppy well enough. So I was oddly distracted. 
 Another task was to go down a slide while yelling "wee"! 

I wish I would've taken more pictures (and better ones!) We were trying to get it all done as fast as we could! I'm surprised I got as many pictures as I did! All the tasks were fun and ranged from petting a puppy to donating a can of food! I was glad to be a part of it and love how awesome Provo is! I'm proud to call it home! 

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