September Accomplishments + Doodle!

Welp that month went by faster then expected! I can't say I really had that many "accomplishments" so instead I shared events. This past month wasn't as epic as I was hoping it would be, but oh well. Fall is here and hopefully things will get better. I'm trying my best to say positive! I didn't write that many letters this month. My reply pile is HUGE and I need to clean and organize my writing desk. *sigh* On the bright side some fun things happened! My cousin got married. You can see some rainy wedding pictures HERE! Also got to participate in the world record for the largest scavenger hunt! You can find that post THERE. Also I got to have a mini vacation at my parents. Which seems kinda silly but I really enjoyed myself. I miss my parents a lot since I moved out. So its nice to just be around them and not worry about my house chores that seem to haunt me! But mostly I just slept a lot! I'm not sure whats up with me but it needs to change soon. On to better things! 

This months doodle are some little cactus! I wrote a song about a dead cactus but then realized that I didn't save it on my phone. I tried for a whole week to remember it, but alas it was gone to the abyss of lost ideas! So I've had cactus on the brain! 

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