Feels like Tuesday!

Such a rainy day today! It definitely feels like fall. I'm not complaining one bit! Fall is my favorite season. I got to wear boots and a sweater today! I'm probably way to happy about that.  A few tuesdays ago I was having a weird day. This was a text that my friend sent me. Now I think about it every Tuesday and it makes me chuckle a little bit. Lying like a lump! Tuesdays are a bit weird. But today was nice. Nice and rainy, nice people, nice dinner, nice evening. Just n i c e! How can one complain about that?

To share my fall-ness feelings heres a little song to get you in the mood! I'm not sure why but this song ALWAYS reminds me of fall! In the best way possible! 

How was your Tuesday? Are you feeling the lump?

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