Lovely Things: Pickles!

I was thinking it's about time to do a Fall findings post. As I was going though my findings I found that I had a couple of really neat pickle findings. I couldn't think what category pickles fell under so I made them their own post! Making my own pickles is something that I've always wanted to do. My grandma made some refrigerator bread and butter pickles that were amazing! That seems like ages ago and now I'm thinking I should venture into picking a little bit. Anyways I hope you enjoy these random pickle loveliness.  
I found this Naturally Fermented Homemade Pickle recipe and fell in love with the photography. Theres nothing I love more then an amazing food photo! You can find this recipe HERE!
In my quest for pickle finds I came across this drawing. I fell in love with this artist, Bethan Hoare! Her drawings have amazing texture and dynamic. She has such a distinct style that I'm immensely jealous of! You can see more of her work HERE
Pickle stationery! I'm pretty sure I need to buy this stationery set just cause it makes me giggle! You can find it HERE!
This refrigerator pickle recipe looks so easy! I think I'll have to give this one a go! You can find this recipe along with a few other easy canning ideas HERE!
 Last but not least a pickle collection wouldn't be complete with out a stuffed pickle! How cute are these! I just love their little faces. You can snag one up from HERE!

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