Song and Doodle #31

I was listening to a podcast of the top songs of 2014 so far. One of them was a Damien Jurado song and I realized that I knew the artist but I haven't dug into his music much. So I took then night and tracked through his discography, which was a lot more extensive then I had thought. Normally he's one of those artists that I know of and enjoy a few of this songs but always kinda brushed him off. It wasn't until I finally sat down to listen to him that I realized this guy is pretty good. He's got a knack for writing complicated lyrics that seems simple. Accompanied by this unique earthy voice. A part of me wishes he wrote short poems or stories. The song thats todays doodle, Everything Trying, isn't my all time favorite of his. BUT I adore how simple it is and how it wraps you up in relatable, tangible feelings. With that said I hope you enjoy this song and doodle! 

"I'd call you now to tell you I'm thinking of you

But it does me no good when the phone is just blocking my view
And I would sail back to you."

Hope you all have a great week! Yay Mondays!

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