Lovely Things: Easter!

Easter is one of my all time favorite holidays. Easter growing up was often a bigger deal then Christmas! I love it! I love spring and its always around my birthday. Here are some Easter findings! I'm super excited Easter weekend! 

I love these! I ran out of time to make them for Easter, but I'm still probably gonna make one of these for my bathroom. Find it HERE! 
Breakfast cake doughnuts! These look so springy and yummy! Wouldn't they be pretty with pastel icing? Get the recipe HERE! 

I still haven't made my origami unicorn but these bunnies look a little more do-able! Plus they are super adorable! Get the instructions HERE!
There are so many yummy treats to make for Easter but nothing beats rice krispie treats! Get the recipe HERE!
You can't have Easter with out bunnies! I've been trying to convince my sister to rent bunnies for the day! That would be so awesome to have a big ol'floppy bunny hopping around all day! 
All natural egg dye! I've always wanted to try to make these kinds of dyes because I love the natural look they have to them. My only concern is that it might smell funky. Mostly the cabbage one. I'm not sure if I want the eggs smell and cabbage smell lingering in the house all day. Find the how-to HERE! 

Phew! Is it Easter yet?!

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