Song and doodle #21

A while ago I went to see Thao and the Get Down Stay Down and they has this awesome opener Salli Ford and the Sound Outside. Now when I saw them my first impression was, whoa this chick is a bit awkward and they have a nice retro sound to them. I'll admit although I enjoyed seeing them live it didn't resonate enough for me to go home and look them up. Until one of there songs popped up on a Spotify radio station I was listening too. The song was "Write Me A Letter". Seems right up my ally, right? I fell in love and I've been tracking though there albums ever since. They have a fun retro/summer sound to them. I love her voice and I can't get enough! 

"The dead claps of a typewriter. Are like the poems of E.E. Cummings
You and me we from the same damn place. The one where you can hold it in your hand
When I first met you we were pen pals. And now you’re the only one left
So keep on reading those Eckhart books. And know that I am here for you"

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