Birthday Wish List!

I've never really been one fore birthday gifts. Mostly because people don't really know me and get me stuff that I won't really use. This year I only asked for poems! Which I'm hoping my family actually does because that would be AWESOME! But there are a few internet findings that I'd like for my birthday. I'm so spoiled and most of the time I save up and buy these for myself. Which probably makes me the worse person to try and shop for! 

I'm such a sucker for vintage/lomography cameras! I also adore floral patterns! Not that I need more cameras that I seldom use, but its so pretty! I'm also smitten for THIS little camera bag! 
I always tease and tell people I'll only ever fall in love with the moon. Which there might be some truth to that. How beautiful is this moon stamp! I need it for my snail mail! Also I need THIS necklace! I've been eyeing it forever but can't seem to save enough pennies!  

I've had my eye on this book forever! I've been tempted to pre-order but I keep forgetting. If you haven't heard of Letters of Note before, check it out! I love letters and I love history and this combines both!
My obsession with bees is forever evolving into a great love for the beautiful insect! So I think its only appropriate to wear these bee pins in my hair! Or maybe a bee brooch
You can't have a successful birthday without a cake! If you're gonna make a cake might as well make an AMAZING Hawaiian carrot cake with coconut icing! I wouldn't mind if someone wants to bake me a cake! 
I just love these flower head bands! There are few days when I can get my sisters to do silly crafts with me. I'm pretty sure when it's your birthday they have to do what you want, right? Well I'd love to make and wear these around. Maybe I can convince them to make these for Easter! Find the instructions HERE! Or maybe THESE ones for our Birthday dinner! 

So much pretty and yummy in the world! Oh what a thing to be alive! Four more days until our birthday! 

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