Puzzle Letter + EE Cummings Poem!

Ages ago I made a puzzle letter. I drew a picture on a poster board and then cut it up, wrote a letter on the back and sent it to my pen pal! I was kind of a lot of work so it's not something I do often. I have one pen pal that has been one of my favorite people to write, so I decided he deserved a puzzle letter! I love EE Cummings so I picked my favorite poem of his to send!  


I ended up cutting it into 20 pieces and send them in 5 envelopes. The photos look small but its a normal sized poster board. So everyday this week I've been writing a little note on the back of a card. My original idea was to send them all as individual postcards but then quickly realized that it might be a lot of postage. 5 envelopes is definitely cheaper! 

I'm not sure whats up with my crappy photos. I should really invest in a better camera....and probably not take photos in bad light! Eh, I'm learning! 

I mostly used Sharpies with bits of acrylic paint, just the cheapo craft ones! I'm really happy how the red bits turned out. I'm getting better using paints and creating textures. I still have tons to learn though! 

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