March Accomplishments +Doodle!

Phew! This year is just flying by! I can't believe April is here! Although I must admit April is my favorite month! Plus March is always a bit dreary. Early spring in Utah means cold rain and deceiving sunshine. In a way I'm glad time is moving fast. I'm ready for some warm weather! 

I sent so much mail last month! I'm super proud of myself. I also should get a better system for tracking my incoming and outgoing mail. Now, if you don't know much about me then you probably don't know that I am terribly shy. BUT, I've been working on being more adventurous and less hermit crab-ness. Two huge steps last month doing social things with out my Zoei. I did get a little bit of a panic attack, but nothing I couldn't handle! It seems silly to be proud about but I am!! Also my sister is visiting! We're all so freakishly close its weird when one of us is missing. Lots of family time before she leaves again. I finally got all my bank account transactions organized! Its been a goal of mine this year to be more organized. Overall I'd say a fairly successful month! 

Yay for April! 

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  1. It's ok, I'm a hermit as well, and I have 4! :-D