Finding Vivian Maier

This year for my birthday I wanted to go see the movie Finding Vivian Maier. Just my luck it's playing in Salt Lake this April. Which is perfect timing because I would feel bad dragging Zoei to a creepy lil'artsy theater if it wasn't a special occasion. Now I have been so excited about this movie since I saw it was going to play in Utah. But then the day came and I was just not feeling it. I've been super moody for a few days. (Which is a whole other issue...gah..) So I was on the fence if I really wanted to go because a big part of me was ready to crawl into bed for a few days. After talking it out with Zoei and her wise words telling me it might make me feel better, we were off to the movies!
Now going into this I had already obsessed over Vivian Maier and her work for a while. She quickly became one of my favorite female artists and photographers. The more I learned about her the more I fell in love with her. So I was over the moon about seeing the movie! If you get the chance you MUST SEE IT! It's very upbeat and lighthearted. It shows a TON of her work and shares sooo much of her story! Being such a private person she is and will always be a bit of a mystery. What I love most about her is I feel like I understand her soul. I think she was looking for her place in the world. She found it behind a camera. I've yet to find my place but I think thats sort of what everyone is doing. We're all looking for our niche. I think she knew that she was good. When you find your niche the only product you can produce is amazing, well because its your spot in the world! I honestly do think she never wanted to be famous. I mean sure, she probably really badly needed the money. But taking photos for her wasn't about that. Things I've learned from her are its ok to be private. Also be a strong and confident women. Just because you're not loud and in peoples faces doesn't mean you can't/aren't strong/confident/powerful/insightful/opinionated.

Phew! Anyways enough ranting! If its playing in your area go see it! You can find more information about it HERE. Also check out her work HERE! 

I loved the movie, I love Vivian Maier, I love the people I went with and the experience that I had. I feel so excited about the beautiful things in life. 

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