They say its your birthday!

I'm not sure why but this years birthday seemed to come fast! Doesn't it feel like we just celebrated New Years and now its our birthday! We have these Christmas ornaments that have our baby pictures in them and last year I scanned them in after realizing its one of the few baby pictures of us. I'm pretty sure they are taken at the hospital and a bit creepy, but I love them! Zoei is on the left and I'm on the right. Even as alien looking babes we look completely different. Everyone always gets confused when we say we're twins because we don't look alike! 

One of the things I love about my birthday is that I get to share it with my best friend! Since we're turning 23 I thought I'd give you a list of 23 things you don't know about Zoei. 

1) The smallest, silliest things eat her alive. 
2) Gets embarrassed surprisingly easily, but that never stops her. 
3) An amazing cook. 
4) Has an incredible sense of color and composition. 
5) Afraid of the dark. 
6) Really good at math.
7) Makes weird noises before she falls asleep.
8) Always looks good with out even trying
9) Loves pandas.
10) Is terrified of being accused of something she didn't do.
11) Incredibly bubbly and friendly.
12) Delightfully sneaky. 
13) Not good at keeping secrets. (at least with me!) 
14) Looks kinda weird in hats.
15) Doesn't like reading but is really good at understanding what she does read.
16) Loves dogs. 
17) Has a amazing sense of humor. 
18) Surprisingly strong for having such skinny arms.
19) Not a morning person. 
20) Always tries to see the best in people.
21) Cares way too much about her job, but only cause she has an incredible work ethic.
22) Is made up of 50% marshmallows and 50% Cheetos. 
23) Has the coolest twin sister ever! ;)

Phew! That wasn't as difficult as I thought it was going to be! I feel so incredibly lucky to have such a amazing person in my life! We basically spend all of our time together and have yet to drive each other nuts, which is pretty amazing. I hope that never changes. Even as we get old and our lives change. I don't think it will and thats why I feel so lucky!

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  1. Both of you are awesome women! Thanks for the insight on your sister... not seeing you a lot while you were growing up has its downfalls. What I know is Zoei and Ky are marshmallow cousins! Love you!