Weekend Adventures: Tulip Festival!

This weekend we ventured out into the rain to go to the Tulip Festival! We've always wanted to go but it was always in the midst of birthday season. So this year Zoei wanted to go for her brithday-day. Since we share a birthday we each chose a day that we get to do whatever we want to. I'm so happy that we went. I had a blast! I thought the rain was going to make it too cold, but it wasn't bad at all! We rented golf carts so we got to see a lot more then if we were walking AND we had a little shelter from the rain. 
The lovely Zoei! 
There was so much to see! I want to go back once its sunny and check out the other gardens that we missed. 
 I'm pretty much in love with this tree. Mostly because I thought it looked like a beehive. I love bees, but they're kinda scary. So I decided I needed a fake beehive tree. 
I love that they had hills you could climb up to see an over view of all the flowers. 
They had a koi pond! You could get food from a little vending machine for a quarter. I love watching these guys eat but it quickly starts to creepy me out. 
The beautiful L.C. Also the worlds coolest bench! 
Rain boots and fiery tulips. 
Zoei and Dirk being all cute and cold. I can't wait to go back and see this arch way once its all green and grown in.  
The "secret garden" was my favorite garden of the day! I just want to go in there and find a place to sit and read a book for a while.  
Anney and Jeremy being all cute and cold! Also I didn't give them much warning when I was taking the photo and they are both doing funny faces, but I kinda love it! 

I didn't think I'd enjoy it as much as I did! My mom gave me a year pass to the gardens at Thanksgiving Point, so now I can go back whenever I want to! I think it'll be a good place to go during the summer! 


  1. I love these pictures, you look like you had so much fun! x


  2. beautiful photos! all the pretty tulips & a koi fish pond! so cool.

    x Haley