Happy Valentines Day!

Now i've never been a fan of Valentines day. I even remember when I was little I'd beg my mom to let me stay home. (I was also a weird child, but thats not the point) I think its safe to say that Valentines causes more hassle and fights then it does spreading love. But you know whats worse then Valentines? The people who mope and complain about it!! It is what it is, you don't need to be all bitter and angry at everyone else! Also why is everyone so concerned with having a Valentine? I've never had a Valentine and I'm actually grateful for it! To compensate for my lack of lover I always make my sisters my Valentines and get them gifties. So in conclusions, I don't enjoy the holiday but I don't complain or mope about it because that is no fun. Nobody likes a party pooper. Get out the glitter and hearts! Lets eat some junk food, watch some movies and count our lucky stars that we aren't battling the restaurant crowds!

This years Valentine's card for my pen pals!
I don't know much about love. But I do know that I'm surrounded by it. So here is a list of things that I have learned about love based on the love around me. Have anything to add to my list? (Leave me a comment I'd love to hear it!)

I hope you all have a very happy Valentines day! Love is amazing, beautiful, strange and the best kinda dangerous out there! I love you all my little electronic lovers! Alas, I leave you with this lovely cover by two delightful ladies!


  1. Love is having someone to watch House of Cards in your pajamas with. At least, that's what I did with my husband :)

    1. Awe! What a great addition to the list! :)

  2. knowing that even if the situation is horrible and mean things have been said. There is always a tomorrow and true love lasts forever.. and a day!