The funny thing about life.

I never know how much I actually want to share about myself on this blog. But basically everything I write about is full of my thoughts and opinions anyways. This isn't a usual post of mine and is probably way to personal, so I hope you don't mind. In a weird way it feels good to write about it and express my current feelings. So here goes nothing..

On the 13th of February my beautiful grandmother passed away and the ripe age of 95. It wasn't too much of a shock, considering her age and current health problems. I think in the back of our minds we all thought she'd recover like the past few times this has happened. But alas, she is at peace. It's really weird to see how people all react to it. A few people of my family really disappointed me and the way they are reacting. I'm also taken back by who it affects and how. I was really lucky and got to make my peace in her final hours. I'm so blessed to be surrounded by family and taking the weekend to reflect on the impact people can have on your life. Life is a crazy, beautiful thing.

I'm good. My life is good. My family is good. Damn, thats a sweet hair do! 


  1. Sorry to hear about your grandmother, but I'm glad you're at peace! ((((hugs)))))

  2. I was okay talking about her! And I always had a smile. I did not cry on the day of her funeral even though I was sad I missed it (darn Philippines) I have been happy that she no longer hurts. I have not cried since the day I heard the news...
    Until I read this blog! Thanks kiddo, the rim of my glasses are all soggy! Tears ran into my fried rice!
    Love you and cant wait to see you in less that a week.