Song and Doodle #19

One of my new favorite song! I Wish I Didn't by Elizabeth and The Catapult. I feel like I relate to this song way to much. Always trying to be something else but wishing that you could just be yourself. She has such a beautiful voice and I'm just in love with this song. Its one of those good ones to hold on to for a day when you feel like don't belong and you just need a reminder that it doesn't matter if you "belong". I think we all need to care a little bit less about what others think. In the end aren't we all the same anyways? Any who, I hope you like this song as much as I do! 

"I wish I didn't give a fuck, I wishI didn't care so god damn much. I wish I listen to my friends when they told me I was clearly out of luck. "

P.S. Sorry for the language! But I feel like it doesn't mean as much with out. Just my personal opinion, if you don't like it i'm sorry. :(

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