January Accomplishements + Doodle!

This year is the year of making small changes and being more creative! So here is mini list of accomplishments for January. Its not much, but I'm very proud of myself! 

Also I wanted to share a doodle that I made for my pen pal. She's a brilliant poet and adventurer! So I thought she could use a little typewriter monster to travel with her! 

(Yeah I know I messed up on his fingers and it looks a little bit deformed unique!) 


  1. Neat little doodle, I hope she likes it! Hands are always the hardest, well for me anyway. This is a pretty good list to accomplish at the start of the year. Snail mail is an activity in itself, I've set the goal of sending out four pieces of mail this month. I'm making up party packages for my cousin's birthdays next week with streamers, balloons, and party favours. Something fun and colourful to get on their birthdays!


    1. Yes hands are very tricky! Normally I go for hands in the pockets, but I need to be brave and get in some practice! Ha! Setting a snail mail goal is an awesome idea!