Post 300!!

This is my 300th post! I'm oddly excited for 300 not being that big of a number. But its the little things that count, right? I thought by post 300 I'd have more of a set way of doing things, but really I'm still making them up as I go! Which is a good in a way cause it keeps me from getting bored! I know I won't ever have a million followers and I don't think I could keep up with having a blog like that. The few readers that I do have I ABSOLUTELY adore them! Everyone in the blogging world has been so inspiring and definitely helped me become a more constructive creative person. 

This year is off to a good start! I love blogging, reading blogs and getting to be a part of this internet world of awesome! Hopefully I can make it another 100 posts! Shouldn't be too hard, eh?

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