Will this cold never end!?!

Photo found HERE!

I thought winter was over! Then my lovely sister reminded me that I was being crazy and that we just barely made it through January and still have another month of cold. Now, I generally enjoy the cold weather but man, near the end I just want to sit in the sun and not have to wear shoes! I forget how much I love sandals in the summer! I suppose I shouldn't complain their are lots of people out there that are worse off the lil ol'Utah! 

Enough complaining! I've had a fairly successful weekend! Lots of sleeping in and getting lots of letters written! Although I really should've at least cleaned up a bit and probably not have slept so much. But oh well thats what the weekends are for! Now that I think about it I could use a nap! 

On a random side note. Here are a couple songs that I've recently been in love with. 

Hope all you lovelies are enjoying your weekend! Was it a cold and lazy one or oddly productive?


  1. Hey Remi! I have a letter for you and I'll mail it out tomorrow. :) I'm tired of winter too and can't say that I was very productive this weekend.

    1. YAY! I've got yours written I'm just waiting to go get more stamps! Then it'll be on its way to you!

  2. Come to the Philippines its summer all year round!!