Out going mail: Valentines!

I'm not a huge fan of Valentines, but I found THIS printable and decided that I have to make these for a few of my pen pals. I surprised how quickly they were to cut out and fold. The straight lines definitely helped! The poppy-outty-ness of it was pretty successful as well. I mean, for just a few folds and nothing too complex. After making these little ones I kinda wanted to try and make a larger one! Just so I would have more room to write. I just need to figure out how to enlarge the template. Maybe even make one out of cardboard so all I have to is trace. Who knows, I'm not sure if I actually like hearts all that much. Ha!

You can't forget heart confetti! 

Do you send Valentines? If you don't I think you should! Homemade cards are the bestest! Its a fact!

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