Mystery Mail!

I got a mystery letter in the mail the other day. Just outta the blue a simple little note with out any return address or signature. Not only do I love getting mail but I always love a good mystery! Although, it does kinda suck because I'd love to write this person and send them something lovely in return. So if you sent me this lil note and you happen to stumble upon this post, let me know who you are! I'd love to send you a little doodle or poem!

"Most of all the world is a place where parts of wholes are described within a paradigm of clarity and accuracy; the context in which makes possible an underlying sense of the way it all fits together despite our collective tendency not to conceive of it as such. But then again, the world without end is a place where souls are combined, but witch an overbearing feeling of disparity and disorderliness. To ignore it is impossible without getting oneself into all kinds of trouble, despite ones best intentions to not get entangled with it so much." 

I've read this about 20 times and haven't quite understood entirely what they wanted me too. But there is something really beautiful about reading something over and over and learning something new from it each time, don't you think? What do you think their message to me meant?

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