I've been having the best mail week ever! All my favorite people have written me this week and everyday I've come home to find my box full of loveliness! Although I'm a bit sad that its going to take me a while to respond. All my letter writing stuff is still packed in boxes. I'm not going to unpack all that stuff until I get my room painted and organized how I want it to be. Which is good of me to be so organized  but also sucks that I can't send out any pretty letters! Anyways, enough complaining. 

One of my newer pen pals Billie has the cutest drawings in her letters! You can check out her blog HERE! 

I ranted on a while ago about this fellows zine. Which you can read HERE. He was kind enough to write me and send me these awesome drawings. This guy's got some mad skills! Now I just need to work on some drawings to send back that are equally as amazing! 

When was the last time you sent a letter?! I love letter writing! Remember you have to send to receice! So why not make someones mail box happy with a little bit of thoughtfulness?

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