Such a successfully lazy accomplished weekend. Oh contradictions you gotta love em. Had a wonderful solstice party at my parents. Who I might add are the coolest people I know and way more hip then I will ever be. They had lots of good food and some random bands play. All the bands were delightfully creepy wonderful AND there neighbors didn't even call the cops! Although I didn't socialize much I love parties just so I can people watch. I'm sure people always wonder who the creepy girl in the corner is staring at them the whole evening. But I don't care! I'm so intrigued with other people and there interactions, but don't care to participate myself. Ok, so maybe that does make me a little bit creepy.

(I know this is a terrible photo. I hardly ever pay attention to the photos I'm taking at these things. Mostly because I'm too caught up in whats going on the focus. )
On Saturday I slept in most the day and didn't get anything done that I wanted too. I did get to go to a Joshua James concert in good ol' downtown Provo, with the two insanely beautiful people. I feel so lucky to live in a place with such good local music. Mr. James never fails to disappoint! We were a little late and had to sit in the back, but it was so amazing it didn't really matter where we were sitting. After getting a little over emotional from all the good tunes it was a car ride back home and then a few hours of The Office before crawling into bed.

Sunday, oh sunday. I did nothing today but eat and write letters. If thats not a perfect Sunday then I don't know what is.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! They always go by way too quickly.

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