As of Late...

Things seem so busy lately. But not a fun busy. A do your laundry and clean the kitchen kinda busy. But I'm happy to say that I'm getting lots of stuff done! Who know moving out of my parents would mean so much to do. Planning dinners alone is making my indecisiveness go crazy. Also finding time to go shopping, cook THEN clean up the kitchen. It seems so simple yet takes up so much time. I still am living outta boxes so finding clothes in the morning is pretty terrible and takes twice as long. Not knowing where any stores are located and relying on google to tell us where everything is makes all of the simple things take FOREVER! In the end I guess its all just part of the learning a new place and I'm waiting for the fun part to kick in a little more. I mean, its fun..but not fun fun. If that makes any sense.

On the bright side, Zoei has been making REALLY yummy food! We had yakisoba noodles last night that were awesome! On the downside, Zoei thinks its way fun to eat with chopsticks. Her and Dirk seem to eat everything fine with them, its a bit more tricky for me. I mean, I CAN eat with them, just not gracefully. 

 I finally got my room painted! So now I can actually start unpacking things. It looks so sad right now, like just some creepy basement. The walls kinda remind me of a school, plus the high windows. I guess its still a working progress to make it look more homey.

Shu Tzi gives me this look every time we live the house. I think she's adjusting better then I am! Except when we leave, then she gives you this face. 

This photo is a bit old and not a very good one. BUT I want to get better at taking photos of people and places and things. So I'm sharing it anyways. Plus, these guys are so much fun to hang out with. 

So much to do, never enough time! 

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