New Home!

After months of searching Zoei and I finally found a house! I think I can finally stop worrying so much about it all now and just focus on packing up my crap. Luckily for me I can take my time! But so much newness I'm not sure my stomach/anxiety can handle it all! New house, new town, new people to live with! I'm hoping this ALL will be good for me and keep my outta a rut! I get to comfortable with routine that I'm afraid I don't have any adventures. When I get older I want to tell my kiddos about crazy things I did in my youth, but right now I don't have any crazy things that I've done! So I think this is the step in the right direction.

I feel good about this and I'm excited about all the changes. Not too excited about packing, but eager to clean out some junk! Happy Weekend! P.S. How adorable is Zoei? She's the cutest!

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