Ok ok, I had to change the title of this post just cause I didn't really have an adventure. I just was super productive and wanted to share my accomplishments! But hey I think this blog is a perfect place to share all the fun projects that I come up and try to see if they turn out or not. So anyways, here it goes!
I've been working on some Valentine-ish zines and cards to send out to a few of my favorite pen pals. I have the amazing water color Zoei got me for christmas and it is just the bees knees! The more I work with them the more I love them! I'll post more of those crafty-ness as soon as I get them done! Which will probably be soon since I need to get them send asap if I want them to actually get them as Valentines!
I puppy sat my puppy this weekend! When I moved out I left my puppy Chaptique at my parents. She is quite the handful but it was fun to have some puppy time! She's quite the nervous and yappy chihuahua. It was a fun weekend but I'm glad I don't have that responsibility anymore. Dogs are a lot of work and I can barely successfully take care of myself! 
Snail mail catch up! I hardly ever type up letters on my typewriter. Mostly because the thing is LOUD and it really takes a toll on your fingers! I don't think my roommates appreciate me clacking on my typewriter for a few hours. I was just up so darn early this weekend because of the puppy I had lots of time to work on things. I had gotten old blue (my type writer) out for the zines I was working on and figured why not! I just love the way they typeface looks, too bad I not have a blister on my thumb! Darn those sticky manual keys! 

Phew! I hope you had a lovely and productive weekend! I was a bit of a shut it but I got lots of beautiful creations made. I guess next weekend I'll have to have a REAL adventure! 

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