Lovely Things: Succulents!

This week I've got succulents on the brain! I was complaining about Valentines and how people buy flowers for each other. I've gone on many rants about how much I dislike cut flowers. Mostly because dead, wilty, dried and shriveled up little flowers really make me sad. (The only exception is a lei, but I also have a hard time throwing those out!) Anyways, I was thinking if someone really knew me they'd get me a succulent for Valentines day! Something cute and little that could sit on my desk and hopefully not die! So today I'm sharing some of my favorite succulent findings!
Ah-mazing little succulent kit from OHNORachio
Wee little guys! Found HERE
I love the contrast of these prints. Clearly a must have for every home! Art by Leah Duncan
Hand made paper garland! My room neeeeds this. Crafted by Cellanium.
Dreamy trio found HERE
More art! I think these would look lovely in a kitchen! Found in the Field Trip etsy shop. 
I would probably die if someone gave me this card and a little cactus!! Eeeek! Photo by La Lune
Last but not least your life isn't complete with out a cactus brooch! Crafted by Hana Letters. 

Happy Wednesday!

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