Save the Honey Tee Shirt!

A wee bit ago I stumbled upon this site called Cotton Bureau. They're a tee shirt company that uses user created designs! (Kinda like threadless but on a smaller scale) So I thought I should submit a design! I took a day and drew out the honey bee design that I've been playing around with. I was lucky enough to get my shirt posted yesterday! You can find it HERE!
Now how it works is that I need to get 12 pre-order shirts before it goes to print. So right now I'm just hoping that 12 people find it interesting enough to buy it! So far I have 4 of them which just makes me over the moon excited! If this is something that looks like you'd love to wear on your lovely body then get one!! Or if you think someone you love would like it share it with them or even better buy it for them! Ok ok, enough shameless self promotion. haha
I'm really in love with my little honey bee print! I adore the mustardy-gold color tee shirt.
Finding this site and taking on this new mini-project has got my creative juices all excited! If you've got an idea that you think would look good on a tee, go submit a design! It's super fun and a way neat idea. Fingers crossed that I can sell 12 of my wee little bee!!

I'm sure I'll do another ranty post about honey bees and how we should all love them. Until then let me know what you think! I always love feedback on my designs.


  1. so cute i love me some bees ill see how i go money wise if i can ill get one X

    1. Here's a coupon code for 10% off, I know its not much but maybe it'll help! HY2M23CF
      So happy you love my little design! ^_^